Aloe, Straw & Cucumber - Recycled Glass Clip Jar Candle

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This aroma of Aloe, Straw & cucumber brings memories of spring time, cut grass and sunshine. Making them light, refreshing and dreamy.

Made with notes of cucumber, melon, lily & straw musk. 

These hand poured storage clip jar candles will burn for up to 50 hours, filling you home with high-quality fragrance. 

We love the re-useable clip jar style, making it sustainable, after your candle has finished burning. Simply clean and re-fill with any home items. 


- 200cl candle 

- Always burn candle until the top layer of wax is completely melt when first lighting. This will create an even burn without a tunnel and wastage. 

- Our candles are hand made in England with the high-quality fragrance

- Scented candle made with recycled glass 

- Made from natural plant wax, no petroleum or animal wax content making them 100% vegan 

- We recommend after each burn trimming the wick to avoid the candle being contaminated

- Never leave a candle burning unattended